Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He didn't want to listen

He didn't want to hear
What the other person had to say
You'd stand a better chance of
Making sense out of a Jackasses bray

He was ready to be insulted
At the drop of a hat
He knew what was what
And that was that

Somebody told him something
And that was enough for him
Didn't need to get your side
There was crap in his cap filled to the brim

Smart alec and a smart ass
Tryin to be the big bad stud
He knew all about you
And also knew about all your buds

He contradicted himself
But hey what the Hell
He was a master of Duh Bait
With a one sided story to tell

He moved kinda funny
Kinda jumpy and twitchy
He was threatening and aggressive
And still kinda oddly bitchy

He probably didn't even know his signals
Were all that mixed up and bad
Hell for all he knew you just somehow
Ended up on the ground and been suddenly had


Unless he could tempt you
Bait you into some accidental trap
Then of course he was allowed to own you
It's not like you need any kind of map

Crazy is crazy and lazy is lazy
And nobody needs to know
The reasons why

Birds of a feather
And the weather is the weather
Even though lunatics swear you're cheatin
If you lift your eyes and look to the sky

3:44 pm
transcribed this time
11:50 am


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