Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You know some people just don't get it

You know some people just don’t get it

They’re just plain ass too damn stupid
To be really arguing anything
All they want front and center
Is that they got the biggest dick to swing

I’d like to rage beat them till they crawl
Or collapse in a bloody mess on the ground
Then I’d like to choke’m out till their throat
Goes to makin that gurgling sound

I’m so god damn sick and tired of those
Carrying around that constant air of threat
Like everybody better back off or it’ll
Be the last thing they get to regret

Like somehow they’re doin everybody a favor
By silently putting up with their inferior crap
Yeah we should all just bow before that great
Ignorant antagonist wisdom stored up under their cap

They run around getting half of about every story
And come to all kind of rotten conclusions about you
Without once offering you the decency to calmly
Rationally present your personal point of view

Saving up all their compressed anger
To let it all out on one made up excuse of a shot
Claiming you’ve insulted them their family their dog
God the Angels the Saints the whole Holy lot


It even almost gets kind of resolved and solved
But they got to throw in one more insulting put down
And on top of that start right in with more piling on
Stirring it up and swirling it all round and round

Like the real answer to peace is if they get to
Put their boot up your ass or on your neck
Well excuse the living Hell out of me if I don’t
Volunteer to stand right in front of your train wreck

I do give a damn and I do want to give any person
An honest chance to say whatever they want to say
I want them to know I listened carefully and give
Full consideration to what they think is the way

But I think it reasonable to expect the same from them
All I want is a simple fair hearing in return
I think that’s one of the main ways we as a people
Can grow to know and come together to listen and learn

But if all you’ve got is a quick temper
And a fast finger to point at somebody else
Maybe you shouldn’t walk so fast past that mirror
Maybe you ought to take a good look at yourself

Maybe this isn’t all about right fighting
Or somehow makin the other person wrong
Maybe this can be about resolution and realization
Maybe that too is a way to be strong

I can understand how a man can get mixed up
About work and life and love
But if you get confused angry and violent
And reach for me with bad intentions

I’m going to break everything I can get hold of


Make no mistake I will show honor and respect
For whoever’s turn it is to take the floor
And I want the best outcome for all
But I do not leave my sword

Outside of any man’s door

11:44 pm
transcribed this time
12:08 am


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